A Culinary Christmas/Christmas 2004


The Christmas season at the Maxwell House begins with Warren's Holiday Celebration which starts the day after Thanksgiving. 



The house opens to receive guests for the town tree lighting at Massasoit Park, corner of Baker and Water Streets. 



How to mark Christmas at The Maxwell House is problematic. We are faced with the knowledge that any observance would be contrary to the customs of Baptist Elder, Samuel Maxwell, and his daughter in law, Joanna, who became a Quaker when she married Edward Chase.


Planners have toyed with the idea of doing nothing to celebrate, as an opportunity for education.  We fear, however, that our guests would feel disappointed rather than educated to visit and find an undecorated house. While this would most likely be an accurate recreation of Christmas in Warren in the 18th century, it lacks festive appeal. We do, however, attempt to keep our decorations simple and made from natural materials.



While the Maxwells would have thought we have taken leave of our senses for the wasteful use of fruit only for decoration, it plays a major decorating role at the house both inside


and outside.

During the twenty some years we have been holding Christmas Open Houses, we have experimented with several ideas for decorating the exterior



and the interior.





In planning decorations, we consider not only what the effect will be from the inside looking out

but also from the outside looking in.

We hope you will join us this holiday season.

Schedule of Events