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More About Our History

Fireplace Cooking at
The Maxwell House

Updated and enlarged, Fireplace Cooking at The Maxwell House contains the recipes used in preparing our eighteenth century dinners along with receipts for other dishes demonstrated at the house since the beginning of our foodways program.


$15.00  At the Maxwell House

$18.50 By Mail (Postage Included)


"COMBINE one and one half pounds of finely grated Cheshire Cheese, one half Pound of Butter, that is at room Temperature, one half Cup of dry Sherry, and a little Mace. Mix them together until they are perfectly incorporated. Place the Mixture in an earthenware Dish with a tight-fitting Lid, or mold it into a Loaf and wrap tightly to keep out the Air.  Refrigerate it until firm. This is particularly nice with Apples or Pears.


N.B. To correctly pot this Cheese, it should be packed into Crocks and covered with clarified Butter. A smooth Consistency is more easily attained by using a food Processor for mixing rather than hand grating the Cheese and pounding all the Ingredients in a Mortar until they are perfectly combined. Other Cheese can be preserved by this Method. We have combined Stilton and Cheddar."

                                                                    Cheesemaking from  L'Encyclopédie by Denis Diderot 


Images of America

$15.00  At the Maxwell House

$18.50 By Mail (Postage Included)

Ruth Marris Macaulay and John Chaney

Arcadia Publishing, 1997

With photographs from the Laurent Dionne Memorial Collection of The Massasoit Historical Association.


Fixing Up
A Bilingual Handbook
for Older Homes


$4.00  At the Maxwell House

$7.50 By Mail (Postage Included)

By P. Albert, Ancelin V. Lynch, Lombard John Pozzi, Elizabeth S. Warren

All across America-- sometimes here and there, sometimes filling whole towns or city blocks -- dwelling houses, churches, commercial and public buildings built years ago are still sound and useable. This handbook is written about the dwelling houses in one old town, Warren, Rhode Island. It has been written for today's inhabitants who happen to occupy the many surviving homes that the people who founded and lived in Warren have been constructing since that town grew from its village beginnings in the seventeenth century to the present time-- a span of some three hundred years.  Whether or not you are a Warren resident, this handbook can serve as a guide to answer your questions, establish design guidelines, and aid in your rehabilitation decisions.

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